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Email Marketing

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Capturing visitors email is the most hardest and trickiest part in digital marketing. But when it is done, you are going to get some loyal customers as well as a regular readers for your new posts. 

About This Service

Email marketing is considered as the most influential online marketing strategy after search marketing. Online marketers greatly avail of the fact that most of the internet consumers check or send emails at least once a day. Thus, marketers use emails to send commercials, advertisements, business requests, requests for donations, etc. They also utilize this tool as a mean to form strong reliance, trust or brand awareness among their current or potential clients.  

As mentioned above, email marketing is a great path to boost your business success up to a new level. So, Benwillseo is also serving its clients as an email marketing platform with some brilliant features that can substantially help you to deal with your subscribers and also make them one of your clients.

What Makes Email Marketing More Interesting


A good email template can greatly produce positive results to your email marketing. As templates are based on HTML, thus designing your own template can be greatly time-consuming process. For the solution of this problem, we are providing our customers with various collections of well-designed templates that may adapt their choices. As you are hiring our whole services, so we won’t take a single penny for any template.

Subscriber list

Most of the email marketers consume a considerable time and effort to build a list of their subscribers. Indeed, it should be done in this way. But, building a clean subscriber list is not the biggest deal. The real problem is to keep your subscriber list well-maintained. It can greatly be annoying to open your subscriber list several times a day and edit it accordingly. We care for your busy life and do not want it to be disturbed.

Let us be your list maintainer. So that you may sit back and relax at your home and we remain busy in establishing better contacts with your active subscribers and put inactive subscribers to the trash list.


Now, you don’t have to waste your precious time in searching and choosing particular recipients for your email sending process. We are providing our customer the most easy-to-use and maintain autoresponder feature. With this feature, you can automatically send multiple welcome emails, info of your upcoming product and so on. You can also send emails to your clients based on scheduled times.

Besides these valuable services, we are offering our lovely customers with:

  • Mail transfer agents (MTA)
  • Rendering test platforms
  • Whitelisting services
  • (Inbox) monitoring
  • CRM and survey tools

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