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Monitoring Ranking

Service by Benwillseo

Benwillseo is offering you the complete SEO course including the best service package to keep all tracks for your keyword rank statistics

About This Service

SEO is a very complex collection of online marketing strategies. After optimizing your website thoroughly, you should keep an eagle eye on the activities of your website. It is very important for an online marketer to have updating information of his website like which keywords are really improving web rankings, number of the searches each keyword got, and the statistics of your daily website rank changing.

Theme of the Service

Daily alerts, great time savers

We provide you with daily alerts so that you stay aware about the keywords that are really affecting your rankings. Like you will be informed that which keywords are the causes of your website to be appeared at the second search results. Therefore, you can raise the number of visitors after raising the rankings for these keywords. Because the first search engine results pages have higher possibilities of being chosen.

Contrast it to check worth

Comparing the rankings with your competitors can greatly improve your websites. As it provides you a chance to know the certain keywords for which their web rankings have been increased. It also provides various search terms that need to stress on. We provide you with a deep analysis report of a strict comparison of your market competitors and check the flaws and strengths of your keywords over the ranking. We can check your performance on various search engines designed for mobiles and computers both.

Unite territories in one place

People of varied territories do not get the similar types of SERPs. They get different results with accordance to their languages. For example the people of Columbia will get different results for a word “Android phones” than the people of Texas. Thus, Benwillseo provides you with the opportunities to check the rankings for your keywords in a large number of countries and their regions.

Professional ranking reports

We are providing you with highly reliable and easy-to-handle reports to check your website progress along various devices. This report may be useful to you in several ways. It provides you a thorough comprehension of the keywords for which the website rankings are increasing. Sharing these reports with your clients may improve your relations in terms of business as these reports provide a complete statistics of the enhancement of your website.

Setting up and implementing SEO strategy and action plan to dominate competitor by getting higher rankings in SERPs. Our goal is to provide you maximum leads through Google and other search engine.

Get rank in Google 3 pack local listing and generate calls for your business. Our strategy is tested and proven by small and medium business owners.

Automate your email campaign with winning sales pitch and email template. Keep your customer engage with newsletter and promotional offer on regular basis. 

We help you to build a stylish and dynamic website that will load faster than average websites and manipulate your visitor’s mind to go through the sales funnel. 

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