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NAP Syndication

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Making your business name, location and phone number to appear on the Google map or other search engine map section, is one of the most important things to do when dealing with an online business. Like search engines, their map sections also show visibility of a website based on their rankings. One of the most common strategies to maximize website organic rankings on map sections is NAP syndication.

What drives your website great results

NAP is the short form of “Name, Address, Phone”.  NAP syndication is the strategy, for your business name, whereabouts and phone number to be emerged consistently throughout the website.

Search engines need to know your exact identification and place as you may have mentioned in your local or national directories. Therefore, if you make even a slightest change in your name, address or phone number, it will have a serious effect on the ranking in the map section based on locality. Benwillseo is proffering best NAP strategies that will enable your customers to find your most precise geographic location.

Citation Audit

Citation serves the role as online reference to one’s business name, address, phone number (NAP).  All the local search engines use citation when dealing with online identification for your business. Thus, choosing a citation can either increase your business rankings on search engine or can blow it up.

Flying through the vast sky of citation websites to adapt the most appropriate one for your business, requires tremendous hours of exhausting efforts. Do not worry as we are covering the full citation audit campaign that will help you to find or improve your business citation.

Digital Portrait and Video Citation

Providing a simple gray-style citation resignation is not a big deal. We make them prominent by linking them with digital photos and videos. We create the most easy-to-comprehend and well-graphic whiteboard style video-slides with effective pictures, audio and written-contents. Then, we broadcast these videos to the top video presenting networks of internet.

Grounding Your Citation

As mentioned previously, citations are like respiratory system for your business identification in the local search engines. Therefore, creating your citation in accordance with local directories is our foremost main object, when starting up with your citation campaign. We assets all the possible essential directories and deliver the detail commands that should be necessary for client verification purposes.

Social Media Citation

Social media has become the most effective mean to present your citation to the potential clients and the rest of people. Thus, we provide you citation in form of digital portraits and animation videos so that there may be every possibility for an out-looker to contact you for business purposes.

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