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Best Way To Do SEO And PPC for Plumber & HVAC Business

SEO and PPC become the easiest way to get leads for Plumbing & HVAC business in 2017 and beyond.

  • About 90% of new customers seeking plumbing service using google or directory website.
    [New customers = Who never hired plumbers before]
  • 75% of searchers end their search visiting a plumber or HVAC business website.plumber keyword research
  • According to Semrush keyword research tool, the keyword “plumber” has 40,500 monthly search volume in the United Kingdom. Surely, in US, the search term will be greater.
  • On average there are 12,100 hungry customers who need immediate plumbing services

SEO Tips: Those who search with the extended query “near me”, are most likely to buy the service.

[ Side Note: pimlico plumbers is a famous plumbing company in UK. The founder of pimlico is Charlie Mullins who is a well-known entrepreneur and celebrity in the UK. This is why it gets a huge amount of searches.]


The fact is, every plumbing & HVAC company is well aware of above data. So they are very much interested to capture those customers at any cost. Some of them hire high paying digital marketing experts or agencies and some of them hire low paying SEO experts according to their capability.

This takes high attention to internet marketing industry precisely to search engine optimizer and so the plumbing niche becomes highly competitive.

I do believe this guide will save your time. You will learn:

  • How to do PPC for PLumber & HVAC Business
  • How to do SEO for PLumber & HVAC Business
  • How to the do the To-Do things by yourself.


Internet Marketing is a vast area. Methods of IM is also endless. So here I’ll cover some of the popular methods:

  • Google Adwords and
  • SEO

[Honestly, on each topic a thousand-page book can be written (!)]


One more thing. You do really need a website to get started with online marketing. Though your email and facebook page is enough in some case, I do recommend you to build a custom website for your business. It is always better to start with full preparation, isn’t it?


Again if you have this kind of website, you got to change it immediately. This landing page isn’t SEO or User friendly.

Example of not optimized website



A good example properly optimized website of plumbing & HVAC business.

optimized hvac website 




Pay Per Click Campaigns for Plumbing and HVAC Business

Google Adwords: Advertisement in Google search is a very nice place to start. Some business has really good experience with Adwords.

cpc bid rate for plumbers
Current cost per click rate of plumbing business keywords in London


Benefits of Adwords:

  • Instant Leads.
  • Pay only when some clicks on the link.
  • Campaign can be start within a day or two.


Cpc bid rate for London plumbers

Disadvantage of Google Adwords:

  • High cost for per clicks
  • Competitors often click on your ads to lose your money. (Try to accept this as normal)
  • Leads stops as soon as you stop paying Google.


Most often business owners tell me that Google Adwords doesn’t work. It just cost money.


It’s not true. Google Adwords is to make you money not to lose money. You need to setup your campaign properly in order to see the magic of Adowrds. But this “proper campaign” you won’t find in a single day. It is true for the experts as well. You need to test the campaigns to know what is working for you and what is not. Remember that, Adwords campaign isn’t same for everyone even if you run same business (alike your successful competitor) in the same city.

To learn Google Adwords step by step I recommend Isaac Rudansky’s tutorial.

SEO for Plumbing & HVAC Business

I say SEO depends on 3 things:

  • Keyword Research
  • Time
  • Investment

I know keyword research doesn’t go with time and investment. But you need to know that wrong keyword research will lead wrong people to drive in your website. So ultimately all your time and investment goes in vain.

Again you need to be persistent to acquire the best result. Ahref research says that it may take up to 1 year to rank a website on google. Don’t fall with sales pitch that confirms you #1 ranking in one month. Those guys use black hat techniques that is against google’s guidelines. Implementation of the black techniques will bring penalty to your website.

Another important factor is investment. People thinks that only SEO alone can win the SERP (search engine result page). HELL NO. You can’t start seo without ample contents in your website. You need to have articles, image, infographic and videos to implement the best search engine optimization strategy.


Here I’ll teach you the best white label seo strategy for plumbers & HVAC business:

Before starts:

  • Get a website: I prefer WordPress CMS. Because it is very easy to work in.
    [In case if you aren’t aware of website and how to work setup one contact me here or you can search in YouTube. I’m sure you’ll find some great tutorial in YT.]
  • SEO Tools: Imagine a plumber without any tools: Un(in)possible! Same is true for SEO. You may need a plenty of tools. But here I’m going to use SEMrush, Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner. You can use the free version for testing.


SEO is divided into 3 parts:

  • Keyword Research
  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization

Keyword Research: is the most enjoyable part for any seo specialist. But may seem boring to you specially if it is the first time. But trust me I’m made it supper easy for you.

There are 3 types of query that people search in Google.

  • Question Query: When people want to learn something and not aware of your service.
    Example of search: how to clean metal pipe
  • Information Query: When people aware of you service but not yet ready to buy it.
    Example of Search: best plumbers in London, XYZ HVAC company review.
  • Buy Query: When people are ready to buy your services.Example of search: plumbers near me.

    So in order to rank your website in the best position you need to play with these 3 types of query.

Silioing the website: After the selection of keywords, now it’s time to give a proper structure to your website to increase user experience (UX) and to get some SEO benefits.

There are 2 types of Plumbing & HVAC business are seen:

  • Multiple service provider in a single city
  • Multiple service provider in multiple city.

Multiple service refers to the aggregated service that you provide. Ex; boiler repair/installation, gas leakage repairing and so on.

Medium and big companies have better transportation system so they have the privileges to serve in multiple city. For this type of company, I have drawn structure that you must use for enhancing UX and ranking.


Look at the factors quickly:

  • Your domain name should be mix of keywords and brand. But if you target a single city, you can use exact match domain (without using brand name). It will help you to get ranking faster.
  • For multiple city service provider, you have to create different pages targeting each city. Under each city page, put your services.

[People ask, when my services are same in all the cities then why should I enlisted my service separately? And should my content be different?

Look at the example to clear your vague ideas:
“plumber in London” and “plumber in Liverpool” are two different keywords. Google won’t rank your single page for two different keywords (in most cases). So in order to target the keywords we need to create separate pages and content shall be unique in each page.]


  • Run a regular blog to target question based keywords. Don’t target any buying/money keywords in blog post. Try to provide some free advice through your blog post in order to gain trust.

Now your website is fully ready for promotion. Do the following works:


  • Setup a Google My Business For every local business, it is the must to do things.
  • Enlist your business in local directories. Keep your NAP (name, address, phone number) consistently same across the internet.


If you can follow the above steps accordingly, you’ll see remarkable change in the rankings.

You can take this strategy one step further by acquiring some quality backlinks from high authority websites. But that would be a hard work.


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